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Hip Mobility: 90/90 Stretch

How to perform the 90/90 Hip Stretch

Hip Mobility is an essential part of your fitness; not just in the dojo but in your daily life. The name "90/90" simply comes from the 90degree angle each leg makes when you move into position. 

We think of the hip as a large joint made of bone. However, a capsule of soft tissues holds everything in place and our flexibility is determined by the movement available to us in the hip capsule. Since it's made of soft-tissue, regular mobility exercises and stretching will increase the movement in the hip capsule giving you increased flexibility and agility.

Our mobility series breaks down flexibility into component parts: the 90/90 hip stretch increases hip adduction and rotation. In your daily life this is necessary for movements like walking, crouching, and squatting.

In the dojo this is a necessity for kicks or ground-work.


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Tip: If your hips are tight and you are having difficulty getting into the first position, place a pad, cushion or folded towel under the buttock of your leading leg (front leg when you are in position). This tilts the level of the hip to make the position more comfortable and allows you to perform the stretch rather than agonising over falling over. As you progress, remove the pad bringing both hips back to floor level.

As always, the key to increased mobility is to perform it regularly and apply a gentle/moderate stretch - i.e. no pain.


IMPORTANT: The above is for provided for illustrative purposes only. All activities should be only be attempted under the supervision of a qualified instructor and/or with the advice of your medical physician.